The Mobile Gourmet

Food trucks are “the new incubators of culinary innovation,” according to Smithsonian, and cities are waking up to the benefits – including a multicultural, festive atmosphere – that food truck culture brings to urban streets. Houston, already renowned for its exceptional restaurants, is extending a warm welcome to their mobile counterparts.

Food Truck Culture

You could say that food trucks are a Texas thing, since it began back in the 19th century with the chuckwagons that fed the cowboys and the “Chili Queens” of San Antonio. However, the mobile kitchens of today serve up menus as varied as any restaurant and they’re equally attentive to quality. Some popular restaurants originally tried out their menus on the road – Franklin Barbecue, for instance. Then you have Coolhaus: the architecturally inspired desserts of California’s Coolhaus ice cream trucks are now available in brick-and-mortar markets.
Culturally diverse fare and lower costs often make food trucks popular with millennials, who embrace different taste experiences and the thrill of discovering a great meal on the street. Updates on Twitter and Facebook keep customers in the loop when they’re craving something special.
Food trucks are a vibrant part of Houston’s dining scene, enlivening the streets and special events with menus that range from adventurous to classic fare. Options for finding a food truck in Houston are increasing all the time, too.
Catering is often available from mobile units vendors, for special events and private functions.

Tasty Tuesday – and Friday

On the second Tuesday of the month, The Post Oak Central at 1990 Post Oak Central Boulevard hosts a dozen food trucks in the parking lot, bringing the food to workers in the area so they can save time over lunch hour. Locals estimate that over 1,000 people take advantage of this opportunity; that number represents a lot of vehicles with drivers who aren’t on the road in search of lunch.
Food Truck Fridays are a feature at a few venues around Houston. First Methodist Houston at Travis and Polk invites up to six selected food trucks on site, with the emphasis on quality and variety. The line-up changes every week, giving customers the opportunity to sample from the wide selection on offer from Houston’s food trucks.
Sam Houston Race Park also hosts Food Truck Friday periodically, and so does Houston Press at 2603 La Branch (at La Branch and McGowen). Check their websites for dates. Keep an eye out for more venues to join the Food Truck Friday trend in the future.

Food Truck Park

You can find Magnum Food Park at 2924 Mangum Road, where the environment is pet-friendly and shady. At Houston International Food Truck Park, 1311 Leeland Street, you can enjoy a rotating roster of food trucks and themed food events, like the recent Brazilian Food Festival.

Food Safety

The same food and safety regulations apply to mobile food vendors in Houston as brick-and-mortar establishments. Vendors need to conform to stringent standards to obtain and hold the proper mobile food unit medallion and permits. Rigorous inspections of the unit are conducted, and in some cases, there may be restrictions on the operation.
Fork & Truck is proud to join the venerable Houston food truck line-up, with a unique menu that blends Cajun and Asian flavors with our own twist. Look for us in Houston, and check us out on Twitter and Facebook.

Fried Green Tomatoes to Duck Sliders: Say What?

There’s a lot of folks in Houston, Texas.

According to the U.S.  Census Bureau’s July 1, 2015, population estimate, Houston is home to over 2.2 million souls. These people are of all ethnic backgrounds, such as Caucasian-American, African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American, to only name a few. When talking about Houston, no other word describes it better than “diverse.”

We Are One When We’re Hungry

When peoples of differing cultures and ethnicities make up a population, finding common ground may be a difficult undertaking. However, the one place where common ground is not a problem is food.

Everyone has to eat. Most of us love to eat and we love to try new foods. It is all about the taste, and how good the taste is lies in the hands of the chef.

Houston’s Chef Martin has taken the best from Houston’s multi-ethnic population and combined it into signature dishes at The Fork & Truck. Chef Martin’s goal is to make certain everyone in Houston knows there are incredible, innovative foods to be had outside of fancy, high-priced restaurants.

The Fork & Truck for Foodies

The eclectic cuisine you’ll find here is a tribute to Houston’s diverse cultural history and blend of ethnic populations.

For example, Chef Martin took a tried-and-true favorite – the Cubano sandwich, a beloved traditional sandwich – and added Cuban mojo sauce and a fried pickle to give an exciting twist to something we all know and love.

A Menu Worth Hollerin’ About

Chef Martin has put together an amazing menu of dishes that you won’t find offered by other food trucks or catering services in the Houston area. He’s added his own flair to each item while retaining its beloved traditional appeal. These menu offerings are sure to get your mouth watering:

  • Fried Green Tomato BLT: Everyone raised in the South knows the joy of a traditional BLT sandwich. Now imagine a BLT made with a fried green tomato, then topped with Balsamic bacon and crisp lettuce. Slap some mayo on Texas Toast, pile it all up and you’ve got a serious sandwich.
  • Duck Sliders: For a modern upgrade to this traditional Vietnamese dish, The Fork & Truck version uses duck breast topped with hoisin mayo, carrots, green onion, crisp cucumber, spicy jalapeno. It’s then served up on a Hawaiian Roll.
  • Cuban Sandwich: This classic is dressed up with seasoned pork tenderloin and ham, followed by Swiss cheese. Add on pickles and banana peppers, then throw it in a French roll with mustard.
  • Chimichurri Lamb: This unique sandwich pays tribute to South American and Mediterranean cultures to create an unforgettable delight. Fresh grilled, marinated lamb meets chimichurri mayo sauce. Throw in Greek salad to serve on pita bread and you have a meal made in Heaven.
  • Elote Fritters: You can’t go wrong when you add traditional Mexican grilled corn on the cob to any meal. We dish them up as fried bites served with a cilantro cream sauce. Watch out; these guys are addictive!
  • Korean Turkey Burger: Looking for a low-calorie choice? Imagine ground turkey cooked up with Korean chili paste. We pile on our own homemade kimchi for a surprising twist on a new favorite.
  • Chicken Beignets: Here’s a shout out to our Cajun Houstonians. Brined chicken strips fried up crisp in beignet dough that’s served up with honey maple bourbon dipping sauce.
  • Foie Gras Boudin egg rolls: Cajun fusion meets American Chinese in this amazing offering. An pastry wrapper encases chicken, pork, rice and foie gras. Dip it in our Creole mustard dipping sauce and you’ll have a new favorite in no time.