Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, Chef Martin toiled away as an uninspired line cook while training at the Culinary Institute Le Notre to earn his Chef de Cuisine diploma. Shortly thereafter, with encouragement from his friends and family, he decided it was time to showcase his own culinary talents and training and the Fork & Truck food truck was born. Chef Martin has taken some of the great flavors from Houston’s multi-ethnic melting pot and combined them with some tried and true favorites into signature dishes for the Fork & Truck.

Come on over and see us sometime—we’d love to make your day!

- Chef Martin


People Who Love to Eat are My Kind of People.

Chef Martin’s Philosophy

When people of differing cultures and ethnicities make up a population, finding common ground can sometimes be a difficult undertaking.  However, the one place where common ground is not a problem is food and, for me, food is all about the layers of flavor. I want to share some of my ideas with you:

Fried Green Tomato BLT

Everyone raised in the South knows the joy of a traditional BLT sandwich. Now imagine a BLT piled high with balsamic bacon and spicy, fried green tomatoes. Slap some Dukes mayo on Texas Toast, top it off with pickled okra spear and you’ve got a serious sandwich.

Cuban Sandwich

This classic is dressed up with my mojo-seasoned pork tenderloin, sliced ham, and Swiss cheese. Add fried pickles and banana peppers, then throw it in a French roll with mustard.  All that’s missing is a Sasparillo.

Chimichurri Lamb

Our best seller, this unique sandwich pays tribute to South American and Mediterranean cultures to create an unforgettable delight. Fresh grilled, marinated lamb meets chimichurri mayo sauce. Throw in Greek salad served in a French roll and you have a meal made in Heaven.

Elote Fritters

You can’t go wrong when you add traditional Mexican grilled corn on the cob to any meal. We dish them up as fried bites served with a cilantro cream sauce. Watch out–these bad boys are addictive!

Chicken Beignets

Here’s a shout out to our Cajun Houstonians. Brined and fried chicken strips come served up in crispy beignet dough that’s dressed with honey maple bourbon dipping sauce.

Foie Gras Boudin Egg Rolls

I’m really proud of this creation.  It’s pork, rice and foie gras wrapped in a crunchy pastry wrapper. Dip it in our Creole mustard dipping sauce and you’ll have a new favorite in no time.