Consider a Food Truck for Your Holiday Party Catering

As soon as Halloween’s over, the mad dash toward the holiday season begins, complete with resplendent decorations, oodles of tasty treats, and a succession of festive events.

However, somewhere in the midst of all this holly jolly good cheer comes the realization that magically re-creating the winter wonderland of the North Pole requires a heck of a lot more planning than you anticipated — without any extra elf help.

Fortunately, as Santa’s special helpers, we have got you covered with our gourmet catering menu and ultra-fresh food. You might think that hiring a food truck for your holiday party catering is an unconventional choice, but when you stop to consider the many benefits that come with this mobile eatery, you’ll wonder how your party ever survived without us. Consider the following points when you’re thinking about catering your holiday party.

Fresh, Made-to-Order Food

How many holiday parties have you been to where the food was the part everyone was raving about? More often than not, sad, limp celery stalks sit next to a tub of warm dip while a Crock-Pot bubbles in the background collecting dust. Guests might take a few bites of food to be polite, but it’s clear that the food at the holiday gathering was more of an afterthought than the main attraction.

Imagine a holiday party that’s brought up several times a year because people are reminiscing about the great food they ate.

“Do you remember that homemade chimichurri sauce on the lamb? Soooo tasty!”

“I dream about that brioche bun.”

“I would take that crispy chicken sandwich over boring ham dinner any day!”

Parties catered by us will make your holiday gathering an event that guests will remember throughout the year because of our fresh flavors, made-to-order items, and unique taste combinations. You want guests talking about your holiday gathering all year long for the right reasons, not because Sandy from accounting got sick from lukewarm shrimp at the buffet table.

Easy Service

Between decorating, organizing and coordinating a holiday party, you also need to find space for a service staff to set up catering stations to serve your guests. Just when you thought your conference room was going to be used for holiday karaoke, you need to reserve that space for food service. Or do you? Since we are a mobile eating establishment, we are able to provide everything you need without taking up valuable space with service staff and equipment.

We can easily handle all the party’s food needs within the truck — and without encroaching on your party’s space. You get freshly made food created on site and served quickly and efficiently from our mobile eatery.

Memorable Moments

Time is perhaps the most precious gift of all during the holidays — it seems as if we never have enough of it to go around. However, by hiring Fork and Truck to holiday party catering, you’re freeing up time to spend mingling with co-workers and guests, rather than fussing over refilling chip bowls and running food from the oven.  You and your guest should enjoy your holiday party.  We’ll make sure you enjoy the food!

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that food trucks are able to provide everything you need to feed your guests without taking up valuable space. I’m helping to plan an event for me work, and the venue is pretty small and has limited space. I think I’ll suggest we use a food truck to cater the event, since it seems like exactly what we need to make it work in a small space.

  2. My brother will be hosting an event and he wants to make sure that there will be enough food for everyone. It was explained here that it will be best to hire people when planning to have a holiday party. Moreover, it’s recommended to go to trusted businesses when in need of mobile event catering.

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