Head to a Food Truck for Lunch!

The clock has been ticking ever closer to noon. Your stomach is keenly aware of the time, as your mind drifts to how you’ll fill this gnawing void. You spent the past week nibbling sad salads at your desk, but today is different.

What if you could treat your belly, your taste buds and your gourmet tastes to a lunch that is fresh, fast and delicious? Does such a magical noontime combination exist during a busy work week?

Enter Fork & Truck, our Houston food truck where quality ingredients, creative presentations, and fast service will leave you ready to tackle the remainder of your workday with a smile and sated stomach.

Today, treat yourself to a convenient gourmet meal. Be a part of the food truck craze!

Fresh Is Best… and Safer

With smaller kitchens that need to be re-stocked almost daily, food trucks are only able to serve the foods that have been prepped for the day. This means that your food is fresher, and has likely traveled only from the local farm or grocery store to your plate. These reasons also mean that your food is inherently safer.

Fork and Truck follows the strictest of health code guidelines. Each and every week the inside of the truck goes through a rigorous cleaning regime.

More Diverse Menu

Food truck menus are typically much shorter which means the chef has perfected the menu. You’re are likely to see the use of a new ingredient or special ethnic sauce food truck owners that are likely interacting with their customers on a daily basis. A smaller menu means a lot more room to experiment with new ingredients, dishes, and flavors. Food truck chefs and owners can speak with their clientele and ask them how they liked a new dish directly.

The Fork & Truck menu offers sandwiches with wildly different flavor profiles, from the Cuban sandwich to the southern-inspired fried green tomato BLT, to the South American-meets-Mediterranean chimichurri lamb sandwich. Try our food truck catering in Houston to discover your new favorite meal.

Support Small and Local Businesses

In addition to supporting a business where you can get a fast, fresh, and healthy meal, you’ll also be supporting a local business. While fast food chains employ local workers, their profits go to larger headquarters and corporations that are likely not in your hometown.

Small businesses need local support in order to thrive, and when you find one that serves you a thoughtfully-prepared and delicious meal, from their hand to yours, it’s important to reward them with your continued business. Local small business owners, like Chef Martin and his crew at Fork & Truck, support their communities in times of need. Spend your money wisely for folks who support your local community.

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