All meals come with fries
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The Chicken Situation

The Birdwich$10

(Crispy fried chicken on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, bacon, and ranch, french fries included)

Red Hot Buffalo

The Boxing Chicken$10

(3 crispy chicken tenders with french fries and your choice of sauce)

Ranch, Savory Dip, BBQ, & Carolina BBQ

Meat Me on the Trail

The Pearlhouse Burger$10

(Comes with ketchup, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoe, pickles, and your choice of cheese on a brioche bun. french fries included)


Cheddar/Pepper Jack$0.50

Add Bacon$1

The Pulled Pork$10

(Comes on a brioche bun with bourbon BBQ sauce, pickels and pickled onion. french fries included.)

The Texas Mess$12

(Shaved steak with carmelized onions mixed with melted cheese on a bed of crispy fries.)

Let us know if you want it Spicy!

Sweeten Me Up!


(Butterscotch Brownie/ Dark Chocolate Morsels, Caramel Shards)

Granny's Ice Cream Cookies$5

(Ask Which Flavor is Available)

Have our food truck cater your next party!

No matter the occasion, you can bet it will taste better with Fork & Truck. We can provide the perfect recipe for a truly memorable event whether it’s a cocktail reception, wedding, lunch, dinner, or corporate event.
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