The Most Decadent Food Truck Meals In Existence

The past decade has certainly seen no shortage of incredibly intriguing and completely unmissable food trucks pop up throughout the country. From Mexican-inspired chili dogs to triple-fried Mars bars, you can find whatever flavor your heart desires on a truck these days. So, what are some of the most indulgent meals you can find on four wheels? Here are our top picks:


Fork & Truck – Houston

Fork & Truck’s menu bridges the gap between traditional classics and modern fare. Martin Lowe, founder of Fork & Truck, is the mastermind behind the creative, diverse menu, which is influenced by Chef Martin’s varied past as a line cook for some of Houston’s most unimaginative kitchens. Test out the totally mouthwatering Chicken Beignets, which lend a certain Cajun flair to classic chicken and waffles grub.


Kogi BBQ – Los Angeles

Roy Choi’s Kogi rules the streets of L.A. with its mashing of Korean and Mexican ingredients – try the kimchi quesadilla if you’re feeling adventurous. There are vegetarian options, caramelized Korean BBQ menu items and cilantro-inspired salsa toppings galore. Arriving on the scene in 2008, Kogi was one of the first to make a splash on the food truck scene, and it is one not to be missed.


Grilled Cheeserie – Nashville

A list of decadent meals surely has to include this ageless comfort-food staple – grilled cheese. Since 2010, The Grilled Cheeserie has been a Nashville legend, where it’s been serving happy customers gourmet grilled masterpieces with gooey cheeses and seasonal flavors. Created by Joseph Bogan and Crystal De Lune-Bogan (a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef), the Grilled Cheeserie’s food is perfect for a night at the drive-in or a picnic in the park.


The Cow & The Curd – Philadelphia

Battered cheese curds? Yes, please! The Cow & The Curd gained their mass following by combining the Philadelphia cheesesteak with the relatively foreign cheese curd. These little gems are made through separation from the liquid during the cheese-making process, so they start out 100-percent natural and unprocessed – but they are delightfully battered and fried when ordered from The Cow & The Curd!


The Lobos Truck – Los Angeles

Dive into some seriously indulgent calories at The Lobos Truck. If you’re not afraid to tackle something incredulous, go for the OG Wachos, nacho-style waffle-cut fries. You’ll find yourself with a pleasing mess of guacamole, bacon, scallions and blue cheese piled on top with a number of other sauces. This feel-good food is the kind of hearty American meal that fills you up for days.


Mac Mart – Philadelphia

Drexel University’s campus got a new treat in 2013 when Marti Lieberman decided to tackle the street truck version of the Mac ‘n Cheese – everyone’s favorite comfort food. First, she perfected her trademark cheese sauce and then added the most delicious, tender macaroni in existence. Smoky, cheesy and golden on top – what more could you ask for?


Coolhaus – NYC, Los Angeles, Dallas

What’s better than a melding of traditional ice cream truck offerings and decadent five-star desserts? Coolhaus dishes out on-the-go ice cream treats that are in high demand at each of its three locations throughout the country. Think chewy cookies, and classic and intuitive flavors combined with the creamiest ice cream you could wish for from a truck. Even the wrappers are edible. So, if you’re not already full from chowing down on one of the savory options above, check out Coolhaus for a quick dessert on the run.


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