Why Do Food Trucks Make the Best Sandwiches?

Imagine you’re at your city’s food truck court or gathering and you have dozens of options to choose from. If you’re looking for Korean, sweets, BBQ, tacos, Italian, Portuguese or a myriad of other cuisines, chances are you’ll find it in that location. You hone in on your target, let’s say Fork and Truck’s diverse offerings, and decide that a sandwich is the best way to satisfy your hunger.

You give your order to the window, where they pass along your request to the staff inside the truck, a few feet behind them. You step to the delivery window and wait patiently, mouth watering, for your name to be called. The same person who made your sandwich hands it to you, a personal touch in our often impersonal society. Quickly you grab some napkins and head to a nearby table to tuck into your meal. You greedily take your first delicious bite and wonder, “Damn, why do food trucks make the best sandwiches?” Want to know why food truck sammies are king? Here’s why:

Different Flavors, Familiar Concept

Food trucks have the ability to experiment with different flavor profiles and ingredients on a more regular basis that brick-and-mortar restaurants. A restaurant may not be able to sell its core customer base on a new ingredient, such as kimchi, if it varies wildly from the main menu. However, food trucks can present a wide variety of cuisines and flavors, especially when done through the vehicle of a sandwich. For people who are unsure about trying new foods, pairing the new ingredient in a familiar way, such as a sandwich, is often a home run. For example, Fork and Truck’s Houston food truck menu includes a duck slider sandwich, which is a protein that may surprise some customers. However, when it’s paired with a familiar concept such as a slider roll, someone who’s never tried duck might be willing to take a chance on something new.

Food trucks can also play with old recipes and present then in new and eye-opening ways. Fork and Truck’s fried green tomato BLT is a variation on the classic American diner sandwich. Balsamic bacon and a fried green tomato makes customers rethink a traditional BLT’s flavors while still providing the same tang, crunch and creaminess that makes the sandwich an icon.

Sandwiches With a Personal Touch

Food truck owners are passionate about the products they produce. The smaller menus reflect the smaller space that the trucks have to utilize for line prep, so every item has been carefully and lovingly chosen by the owner. Also, when you order and receive your sandwich from a food truck, you are seeing the process of creating your meal from start to finish. All of this translates into a very personal experience when ordering from a food truck. When your sandwich is handed down to you, you can be sure that hours of thoughtful dialogue and experimentation went into creating just the right ratio of ingredients to make every bite as satisfying as the last.

Being Outside Means You’re Not in the Office!

The environment where you eat your meal also contributes to the overall feeling you get from the food. Sure, a salad at your desk is fine in a pinch. But, if you can dive into Fork and Truck’s eggplant Parmesan sandwich with homemade marinara under a shady tree, this relaxed environment takes your already outstanding sammie to the next level.

There’s a reason why food truck sandwiches are the bomb: Their diverse menus, personal service and relaxed atmosphere combine to make the perfect bite on your perfect sandwich.

We may be on your side of town soon and you can try one of the best sandwiches you’ve ever had.  Find us in Houston!

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